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UKFamilyChef – Taiwan Wanluan pig’s trotter 英國小當家 – 台灣萬巒豬腳(含醬) 350 g


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<Made in the UK>

萬巒豬腳 價格14鎊每盒 去骨切好豬腳600克含醬 (萬巒豬腳醬就是甜的才叫萬巒豬腳)醬跟豬腳是裝在一起

“萬巒豬腳” 豬腳全部採用豬的前肢,放入中藥滷製,不使用不良添加物,豬腳不油膩,而皮、肉、筋 彈牙的感覺。

成分: 豬肉73%/醬油 (Soybeans*/Wheat*)/糖/鹽/薑/蒜/


醬汁:豬腳滷汁/糖/醬油 (Soybeans*/Wheat*)/大蒜/麻油(Sesame*)

Special UKFamily Chef famous Taiwanese

“Wanluan pig’s hock” One Box boneless 600g +-10g with sweety garlic Sauce


Ingredients: pork (73%)/

Soy sauce (Water/Soybeans*15%/Wheat*/Salt)

/sugar /Shaoxing wine (Water,Rice,Wheat* )/garlic/ginger/

Sesame* oil(Soybeans*(70%),Sesame(30%))

Infusion bag (Mix herbs + spices/Dried Orange Peel/ Sichuan Pepper )

Sauce: Pock stock/sugar/Soy sauce


Allergy Advice: see ingredients in bold

May also contain trace amounts of the following allergens:

Celery, Crustaceans, Egg, Milk, Nuts, Peanuts, Molluscs


Cooking instructions:

Place sachet into water. Boiling bag for 20 mins (caution when opening bag, contents will be hot)


Storage: Keep frozen at -18℃.DO NOT refreeze defrosted product .

儲存:於-18℃ 冷凍保存,解凍後請立即使用,不要重新冷凍


Due to the nature of our business we cannot guarantee that the food

prepared on the premises is free from allergenic ingredients.

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