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Taiwan Shaoxing Sausage (pork) 台灣紹興香腸

成分: 豬肉(88%)/鹽/糖/蒜/紹興酒(wheat*)/香料粉(見英文說明) /

鰹魚粉(fish*)/curing agent (Saltpetre:E252)


Ingredients: Pork(88%)/

Shaoxing Wine(Water,Rice, Wheat*)/Salt/Sugar

/Garlic/Spice powder(cinnamon/Allspice/nutmeg/Black pepper)

/Dashinomoto (glucose, flavour enhancers: E621, E635, salt,

smoked dried shaved bonito powder (fish*),

bonito extract (fish*),yeast extract.

curing agent(Saltpetre:E252) made with natural casings

Allergy Advice: see ingredients in bold 

May also contain trace amounts of the following allergens:

Celery, Crustaceans,Egg,Mustard, Milk, Nuts Peanuts, Sesame, mollusks,gluten

Cooking instructions from frozrn (MUST be fully cooked): bag place the product into AirFryer 180°C 10 minis bag place the product into pr-heated grill 15 mins turn frequently

Storage: Keep frozen at -18℃.DO NOT refreeze defrosted product .

儲存:於-18℃ 冷凍保存,解凍後請立即使用,不要重新冷凍

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