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Fresh Bitter Melon 新鮮苦瓜


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Fresh Bitter Melon

Freshly air imported from the Dominican Republic

each is around 350 g

Bitter Gourd is a small dark green vegetable with bitter taste. The skin is covered with blunt tubercles. The Chinese variety is oblong and pale green in colour.

Select firm greens bitter melon with no visible signs of decay. Shades of pale green or yellowing on the ends are natural and show signs of ripening.

Bitter melon can be enjoyed when both ripe and unripe. When karelas are green or turning yellow, the bitter flesh and tender skin are edible. As the fruit ripens, the skin and flesh become too bitter eat, but the central seeds and pith become sweet and turn from white to red.



新鮮空運從 多明尼加

每顆約350 g

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