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Asian Pear 500g/each 空運進口大顆水梨 500g /顆


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吃法: 生吃或是熬湯潤喉

尺寸: 手掌大

重量: 約0.5 kg /顆

品種: 韓國/台灣水梨

產地: 中國

可寄送地區: 全歐洲

IN SEASON!!! Fresh imported by air.

The Asian/Korean pear is a superbly crisp, juicy and sweet variety of pear with very thin skin.

Unusually, unlike other varieties of apple and pear, they tend not to darken when cut. Asian pears, at only around 50 calories per fruit, are a light choice.

Korean pears are what we might call pampered produce – grown purposefully with fewer pears per branch and encased in little jackets while still on the tree to ensure thin, unblemished, perfect skin.

The juicy flesh has a delicious flavour, often compared to a fine balance of sweet apple and pear.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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